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How much is my home worth?
Instantly receive a full comparative market analysis report of your home. See example below.

How do all these sites figure my homes value anyway? 
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No cost whats the catch?
How can you prepare your home to sell with minor repairs updates cleaning and staging at no cost to you? 

Your Neighborhood
View sold homes in your neighborhood with prices, photos, and details.

Should I sell to OpenDoor & Instant Offers?
Compare the different options and pros/cons of selling to a iBuyer
Staging Your Home 
How will your home make a really great first impression? 

I want to sell my own home.
This is not a time for mistakes. Find out what value a real estate agent adds in selling your home.
Tips if you are trying to do it alone.
Hiring a Real Estate Agent 
You will not know every requirement for selling a home, most especially if this is your first time selling. Ask the expert.

Foreclosure Risk
Have you missed your payments? Find out if you are at risk for foreclosure.
  Home Inspection 
A small amount of time that you spend now can give you a better deal for your home. Find out what the "Must Inspect" areas of your house are.

  What do you do different?

Pitfalls of Not getting Permits 
  Your next home at your fingertips!  
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Seller Advice 
Checklist to prepare your home. 

Learn how to have a stress free zen move.

  Listing Syndication  
View a list of where your home will show up for sale.

      Imagine the cost of home improvements managed with little to no out of pocket expense. Click for more information.

 TeamDuffy - what we do different to get your home sold.

Are we in a sellers or a buyers market?
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What's My Home Worth example below... 


How do we sell your home for more money?
See our Sellers Services page with video clip! 



Buy before you sell

Make a cash offer on a new home

before you sell your current home.

Buy with cash ....Upgrade your offer to cash using their funds for no cost.

Buy before you sell Program


A calmer, more convenient way
to buy and sell. We work closely with this company to ensure you are covered every step of the way! 

Here’s how their program works.

Get approved.

We approve you for a specific amount so you can start shopping and be ready to make an offer as soon as the house you want comes on the market.

Make an all-cash offer.

We work with your agent to make a cash offer on your new home. Cash offers are three times more likely to win than financed bids.

Win the home.

The seller accepts your offer. We work with your agent to finalize the purchase. You’ll have a few tasks to complete, too, including paying your earnest money deposit, scheduling an inspection and signing mortgage disclosure documents.

Move into your new home.

Live in your new home while you rent it from us for up to six months. We'll prorate the rent so you only pay for the days you use.

List and sell your old home.

List your old home and sell it for top dollar. We're able to provide a floor price guarantee to most homebuyers. So if your home doesn't sell in six months, we'll buy it from you

Buy back your new home.

Finalize your mortgage and close on your new home by buying it back from us.


What can you find on this site and our YouTube Channel?

Appraisal Addendum explained by Title company.

What's My Home Worth? 

Are you asking these other questions?
How accurate are these sites anyway? What happens when I click on these different sites? What information does it give me? Will it tell me if my neighborhoods market is a seller or buyer market? Will I go on the neverending spam list? Will it actually give me the value or just send a bunch of homes that have sold 2 miles away and nothing at all like my home?
Checkout our CMA Cheatsheet for navigating online value sites!


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Tip: It you pay just more each month, you could save $53,656 in interest over the rest of your loan. You'd also be done with the loan and no longer making payments 6 years earlier! Learn more about this Already paid extra?

If you rented your home on Airbnb, how much could you potentially earn? Showing results for 2056 Londonderry Dr, 75013 MONTHLY REVENUE NIGHTLY RATE # OF NIGHTS May Estimated based on similar rentals nearby, and if you made it a fancy rental. How nice would you make it? $91 Ingt Nights per month you'd rent basic fancy seldom often Avg. Monthly Revenue Annual Revenue If you paid that money towards your principal, you'd save: $1,102 $13,229 S137,457 in interest 17 years off y•ur loan

Find a local contractor plus check prices for local home repairs & updates



                                Switch Utilities 
Easy access to switch all your utilites!
  Moving Tips 
Find out what you can do to make               
the move less stressful on yourself 
and your family
  Schedule Donation Pickup
Schedule early enough and you can have a 
local charity come pickup everything you 
don't want to move to your new house!
  Move for Hunger
Lookup movers who will pickup
and deliver your food to charities.



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