Building a home and how a Realtor saves you money, finds you the home and protects you.

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*Must Know About Building in Texas

If you're interested in buying new construction, the builder's agent on site will be ready to help you with the process. And, even if it seems like plug and play to sign up on-site make no mistake:

                The builders agent will have the builders best interest in mind.

You only have one chance to bring in a realtor to represent negotiate and fight for you and that is from the get-go.  Sometimes a year long of potential errors, negotiations and chances for you to get more. 

                      Feel free to call any builder site before going in and ask them,
               "if I come in without a realtor can I get that commission to lower the price?". 

Sellers (including builders) already pull all representation fees out before pricing the property as a marketing expense. article explains who pays what how much to continue reading.   

Is the community you're looking at in a MUD disctrict? Did the sales rep inform you that it is an additional property tax on the home for typically 30+ years? Lookup MUDS in Collin county here.

For full service or to use our rebate please contact us before you register on your first visit to the model.

 *What Does A Realtor Do For Me When Building

The Role of Buyer's Representatives in New-Home Sales 
Responsibilities of the Buyer's Representative 
Buyer's representatives also fulfill the following in new-home sales transactions: 
Help the buyer negotiate various terms. 
Review and explain transaction documents. 
Monitor construction progress. 
Create and maintain a paper trail. 
Remind the buyer to schedule inspections at critical construction phases and provide a list of inspectors. 
Accompany the buyer on the final walk-through and call attention to items for the builder's punch list of items for completion or correction. 
Accompany the buyer to the closing. 
Remind the buyer to do a follow-up walk-through before the warranty expires and inform the builder of needed patch ups.

Why Use Us:


I will act as "relationship central" for all of the people involved in the transaction—the builder, construction supervisor, sales representative, design consultant, lender, and others.


I understand the interests and expectations of builders and their sales representatives and I know how to work effectively with them.


I have very productive relationships with local builders. Because I bring them business, they work with me to make sure my buyer-clients are happy.

I will help you establish a pre-closing punch list, and I will follow up with you to help ensure that all items are completed to your satisfaction.


If the punch list is substantial, I will try to negotiate a withholding of part of the purchase price until completion.

I will maintain a paper trail to track what the builder promised to provide.


Why Custom-Home Buyers Need Buyer Representation


A custom-home buyer is in a position to define and seek a dream home. As a new-home buyer’s representative, I will devote considerable time to helping you make your vision into reality.


I can help you conceptualize a custom home, including architectural style, size, dimensions, lot size, and landscaping.

I can help you evaluate whether a new or existing home, a custom or spec home, or something in between will match your dream home vision. Once we identify what you want, I can identify architects and builders who can convert your visions to actual drawings and construction estimates and are most likely to be able to produce what you want.

I can point out pros and cons of custom-building options builders may offer.

I can help you find a building lot for your dream home because I keep up-to-date on available land. I can help you locate and contact owners of vacant land that might be suitable for your custom home.

I will review the builder’s contract so you understand the commitment you are making.

I can help you monitor construction progress.

I can help you identify needs even when you are not sure what you want in every instance. I can certainly suggest features that enhance marketability, such as an energy-conserving heating system.


 Whether a new-home contract is state mandated or a builder's boilerplate agreement, the buyer's representative can help the client understand contract clauses. If the contract seems excessively one-sided or inflexible, the agent can alert the buyer and try to negotiate objectionable terms.


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