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BUT, if you are asking these other questions?

How accurate are these sites anyway?
What happens when I click on these different sites?
What information does it give me?
Will it tell me if my neighborhoods market is a seller or buyer market?  
Will I go on the neverending spam list?
Will it actually give me the value or just send a bunch of homes that have sold 2 miles away and nothing at all like my home?

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Free Standing Page
Realtors link into the MLS system called cloud cma.Your information will only go to the Realtor who produced the link. Ours was the first link on this page.



Instant Information Not specific to your homes subdivision,
sqft, year built, bed/bath, pool etc
Accurate Data pulled directly from the local MLS  Value will not be accurate unless you know 
how to pick and choose the right comparables
out of list of homes sent
Detailed Property Information  
 Your information is not shared  


Realtor personal business sites
Some are Interactive Sold Property Mapping like the one on this site, others you will enter your address for agent to search.
My site has a Set it and Forget it...Quarterly Market Sold Updates that I also use for clients that want to protest their property taxes.



Instant Information More time to setup
Accurate Data pulled directly from the local MLS  Value will be a grouping of all but not square feet accurate but will give you general idea.
You have control on what properties will be included
You can apply filters to make comparable properties match your home
 The accuracy will depend on how much
information you enter. If you put your
homes map area, square foot range 500 +/-, bedroom range etc you will get more accurate results.
 You can save and have system send you monthly updates without having to re-enter any information  
Your information is not shared  



See our YouTube video on all the information this site gives you! 
Pro Gives you 5 different sites evaluation all in one place. 


Curious About Zestimates?

(How to check it's accuracy)


Of course automated reports or viewing neighborhood sold prices are quick and easy but if you are seriously thinking of a move you need a professionals eyes on each sold property comparing each item and adjusting to match your home! You fill out basic information then I will call with any clarifications then send you a full market valuation. The only thing more accurate than this one is a in home evaluation.

Simply contact me or fill out the below form and I'll do it for you!

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As a local Realtor for over 20 years I gather information not only from the mls but across different platforms. I combine that with my expertise and knowledge of the area plus what the market is currently doing to provide you with the most accurate information and time table to plan your move!

 A few items to make living in your home and moving out of it stress free! 
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