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What to do?  Protest Protest Protest

 Especially now with online protests permitted statewide, it’s easier than ever.

The two important numbers are the market value (which is an appraiser’s guess at a sale price) and the appraised value, which is what is multiplied by the various taxing governments to get your tax bill.

There’s a 10 percent cap on the annual increase of your house’s taxable appraised (not market) value, but only for those homeowners with a homestead exemption. That’s why many this year will see a 9.9 percent increase. Appraisers want to go higher, but computer software knocks it down to the cap. Love the cap.

Keep scrolling to get our cheat sheet, see video walk thru and how to get comparables.

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For more tips and/or request sold comparables (not listed already below) click below for our step by step
 Protest Cheat Sheet.

People ask me often for someone that can either prepare all of it or even do for them. For that reason, I found a website that has a simulator to instantly tell your chances of winning on a protest. The site and promo code on the cheat sheet.