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New Home Owner Homestead Exemption (If you lived in your home on January 1st you'll file the first year by April 30th)

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What are the rates and exemptions

Ad valorem taxes are paid at the end of the year in which they are due (they can be paid as early as October 1 or as late as January 31 of the next calendar year without penalty in most Texas counties), any closing taking place before October 1 will generally show a charge to the seller from January 1 to the closing date and a credit to the buyer for the same period. Unless negotiated otherwise, this allows the seller to pay taxes for the time that he or she actually had ownership, use and enjoyment of the property. Around October 1, tax notices will be sent to the new owners for the year. They will be expected to pay taxes (usually through their mortgage company escrow account) for the full year. Taking into account the credit that they received at closing, the new owners actually pay taxes only for the time during which they had ownership, use and enjoyment of the property. Title companies use the best information available when prorating taxes prior to October 1 (when official figures are released by the tax authorities). This best-available information is usually the tax amount paid for the prior year continue reading

Where's my e-file number?   If it's blue look in the top right corner for your e-file pin this will allow you to protest online. Otherwise, you'll need to either mail or file in person.

How Do I Get Comparable Homes? If you have been receiving our Your Neighborhood yearly updates you will already have all the sold comparable prices you need to protest.
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How is my property appraised? Click here for Texas Comptroller explanation and Click link below to go to our Protest page 


                                                          Deadline is On or before May 31,                                                             (or 30 days after a notice of appraised value was mailed to you, whichever is later).



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