A rendering of the lagoon community coming to Forney.


Lagoon Mania Spreads Across North Texas

In which the author contracts a bad case of lagoon fever.

The developer Megatel Homes, which is already building “lagoon communities” in West Dallas and McKinney, said yesterday it’s bringing the lagoon craze to Forney. The $800 million Bellagio Lagoon project a little north of Interstate 20 just off FM741 will include 400 homes hitting the market in the $350,000 to $600,000 range with various amenities and a restaurant and bla bla bla—let’s talk lagoons.

Developers love these lagoons. Lagoons sell. This year-and-a-half old CNBC trend piece on lagoons says so.

People love these lagoons. Or they hate them. Hard to say. Strong feelings, certainly. About the lagoons. Over in Rowlett, they’ve been freaking out about lagoons for years. They’re still waiting on that lagoon. Some day.

But the Forney lagoon is definitely coming. Mark it: August 2022, says a press release from Megatel. The homes come first, in April 2022.


What is a lagoon? I don’t really want to get into it again. Have you been to Schlitterbahn? I love Schlitterbahn. Used to go every summer growing up. A lagoon is like a big pool at Schlitterbahn. Not the rides and the tubes and the lazy river everybody pees in. One of the pools with the bar and the drinks. Only there’s some sand on the artificial “shore.” And you can kayak in the lagoon. Do water yoga in the lagoon. Live extremely close to the lagoon. In some cases—this will be the case with the West Dallas lagoon—you can visit the lagoon and hang out regardless of your residential proximity.

If I’m interpreting the below rendering featured at the Forney project’s website correctly, you can also sit near some kind of sunken ship(?) beneath a flying(swimming??) shark and dolphin(porpoise???) in the lagoon.

Courtesy rendering

Heck, I’m into it. Bring on the lagoons.


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