iBuyer Comparison

by Alicia Duffy, Realtor

How do you decide which is the better way to sell your home?


 Is a comparison like the one below going to give you that "ah ha" moment where you'll say, "ok that's the way I need to go"?


Probably not and let me tell you from 20+ years experience working with bank foreclosures, investors and big iBuyer companies why choosing just one route from the start will hurt you. 

Wondering What the heck a iBuyer is? Read this article first for all the details.


It’s not surprising when iBuyer companies show comparisons charts, they want theirs to fair better.

      Keywords to look for in Ads & Contracts to look out for are “typical, usual, common” or for any company that does not welcome you have your representative look over the legally binding contracts before you sign. Different companies have their own rules on when/if you could have listed on the mls, repairs that are acceptable and a walk away without obligation period. It is best to have your own representation (that knows how these companies work, like Alicia Duffy), before going into any agreements with them.
It is best to have your own representation that knows how these companies work before going into any agreements with them.

If an item below is blank it is still be researched due to recent changes within the company check back for updates and video.


      *TIP  When asking for an offer from these companies your home still needs to be presented to them like any other buyer so make sure you know what those items are that stand out and bring you more money before you request an offer from them.   With my limited agreement I can obtain offers, analyze each in comparison chart and present to you at least 5 options so you can make the right decision for your family!  Contact me or click here with a good time for you!                                          Why use us?