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Sinus Headache- Face, forehead hurt, thick mucous, worse when bending over or lying down. If sinus infection can last 2 weeks don't need antibiotics.

TREAT Phenylephrine (little red pills), all allergy medicine including nasal spray, water, hot washcloth over your head/ face sinus area hurting   if doesn't go away within 15 minutes take a NSAID. IF symptoms improve then suddenly get worse again no matter how long go see nurse for antibiotics probably bacterial sinus infection.

Migraine Headache - throbbing head, nausea, light and sound sensitivity. Causes are stress, not enough sleep and diet. Treat by fixing those and taking NSAIDS.


NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory)- Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), naproxen (Aleve)

Acetaminophen - Tylenol  for fever reduction


DIARRHEA at onset TREAT fluids especially with electrolytes (sports drinks but pedialyte better), Juice like pomegranates, clear broth, pretzels, potatoes, soup, bananas, crackers, rice, tea (chameleon ginger blackberry raspberry) applesauce. AVOID caffeine, apple juice, milk till you get better. If not better after a few days of that go to the nurse.

CONSTIPATION TREAT Water, Berries, Nuts, beans, make a pot of chili haha, black coffee Metamucil, Miralax.

PREVENT - more water, exercise, water before bed, yogurt

GAS - TREAT Breathe deeply, eat peppermint, yogurt, warm water, sip lemon water, take a walk (Jarrett will appreciate if down the hall or outside), on back knees chest, if doesn't help take GasX. PREVENT - Slow down on your eating, lose the straw, exercise more, avoid gum, co carbonated drinks, cut down on beans and spicy, fried and high fat foods, tea (ginger, peppermint, chamomile)


Dry eyes from computer = Close drapes and have side lights on, Sit 24 inches away from screen and have screen 10-15 degrees below your eyes

try this exercise: Every 20 minutes, blink 10 times by closing your eyes as if falling asleep (very slowly). This will help rewet your eyes. Last resort re-wetting eye drops (Artificial Tears)


Cuts = clean your hands then wash cut, put pressure stop bleeding then apply the antibiotic cream put bandaid over then change it/clean every day. If it starts getting red streaks, greenish yellow pus, swelling, pain, fever go see nurse see if infected.

BURNS - run cool water for 5 minutes (no ice), put antibiotic ointment (spray better) then loosely wrap with gauze, take Tylenol or ibuprofen. Go to nurse if electrical burn, charred, has no feeling, any blistering especially if on hands, feet, face.




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