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Dallas Texas Water Heater Installation Requirements


All Water Heaters:

  • Waters heaters installed in garage and attics must have the exposed water pipes insulated.
  • Water Heater in garages in garage must have the drain pan piped to the floor or to the outside.
  • Waters heaters “Temperature and Pressure” (T&P) relief valve discharged to the outside or to an approved location. Outside not more than two (2) feet or less than six (6) inches above ground or floor level.
  • All water heaters located in the garage must be elevated eighteen (18) inches above the garage floor.
  • All water heaters must be installed in a one and one half (1.5) inch deep pan with a
    one (1) inch drain to the outside or to an approved location.


    • Exception: (See Interpretation dated 11/05/2003)
  • A readily accessible full-open valve shall be installed in the cold water supply pipe to each water heater at or near the water heater.
  • Water heaters install in a closed water system (cold water supply that has a backflow device) must have a provisions for thermal expansion.

Gas Water Heaters:

  • Upper and lower combustion air must be installed when the water heater is installed in a confined space. (CONFINED SPACE. A room or space having a volume less than 50 cubic feet per 1,000 Btu/h (4.83 L/W) of the aggregate input rating of all fuel- burning appliances installed in that space.)
  • A minimum of one (1) inch clearance from combustible material is required for all double wall vent pipe. (Manufacturer installation instructions)
  • No single wall vent pipe may be installed in the attic.
  • Equipment shutoff valve. Each appliance shall be provided with a shutoff valve separate from the appliance. The shutoff valve shall be located in the same room as the appliance, not further than 6 feet (1829 mm) from the appliance, and shall be installed upstream from the union, connector or quick disconnect device it serves. Such shutoff valves shall be provided with ready access. (FULLWAY VALVE. A valve that in the full open position has an opening cross-sectional area equal to a minimum of 85 percent of the cross-sectional area of the connecting pipe)
  • Approve appliance connector and sized to provide the total demand to the connected appliance.(See manufactures installation instructions.)
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