First step in buying a house in Texas
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Step 1 When you want to buy a house...

* Choosing a Realtor is the first step in any real estate transaction. A buyer's agent is no cost to you.

The fee is already built into the price. If you don't have your own Realtor the listing agent will take the fee but offer you no services and will be working exclusively for the seller. When you call the number on a sign you are typically speaking to the listing agent which has a fiduciary responsibility to tell the seller all about you. This is also true about agents at open houses and builders. When you talk to the builder salesperson he is just that - the builders representative- not yours.

Texas Law requires ALL Realtors to explain this in the following notice at the first meeting.

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Don't give away important negotiating strategies unknowingly or waste your valuable time searching for homes online that are probably old and under contract. Let your representative do their job and look out for your best interest.  Feel free to compare my services, read my reviews and explore my website and social media. Then we can get you setup for listing alerts to receive homes direct from the mls within 30 minutes of listing and on your way to owning a home.

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How Complicated is a Real Estate Transaction anyway?

You need to sell and buy?

What's next? Step 2 of course! 

Must Know Terms:
"Active" – ACT
- Property is available for sale.

"Active Option" – OPTION - Property is available for showings and back-up contracts only. Property is under contract with an option period. Once the option expires, the status must be changed. The buyer of the property is the only one that has the option to back out.

"Active Contingent" – CONT- Property is available for showings and back-up contracts. Property is under contract with a contingency.

"Pending" – PND - Property is under contract with no more showings. Typically, this status should only be used after all contingencies have been met and you are just waiting for closing

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